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★”Once readers pick up Hadley’s story, they will have difficulty putting it down, desperately rooting for her to win. An admirably crafted debut that will haunt readers.”  Booklist, starred review 

“…[P]alpable despair and desperation, conveyed in well-paced first-person chapters, increase the tension as the truth of the accident slowly emerges. A tragic exploration of why people sometimes protect their abusers.” — Kirkus Review 

“Now Is Everything is equal parts heartbreaking, unflinching, and hopeful. Hadley’s story will no doubt reach readers who need it.” — Kara Thomas, author of The Darkest Corners and Little Monsters 

“Now Is Everything is a gripping, suspenseful, and moving story that asks the question: what are you willing to do for the people you love? Both heart-breaking and heart-restoring, this book grabbed me from the very first line and never let go.” — Robin Roe, author of A List of Cages

“Powerful and haunting, Now Is Everything explores the complexities of family and abuse, as we follow one girl on her courageous journey to choose love over hate and hope over fear.” — Amber Smith, New York Times bestselling author of The Way I Used to Be 

“An incredibly powerful and moving debut that is not to be missed, Now Is Everything tackles the tragic reality and heartbreak of familial abuse, that will haunt you long after you’ve turned the last page. This book is a must read and Hadley’s story is way too important to not be shared; I cannot sing enough praise for Amy Giles and her gorgeous debut.” — Erin L. Schneider, author of Summer of Sloane 

“Hadley is living the hidden, complex life that so many young people know – a teenager trapped inside her dysfunctional family. This beautiful and sad book will push you toward an unexpected conclusion. You won’t be able to put this novel down.” — Peter Brown Hoffmeister, author of Too Shattered For Mending   

North America: HarperTeen 

Dutch: Uitgeverij Zomer & Keunig

Norway: Gyldendal Norsk Forlag 

Germany: cbt Verlag

Turkey: PENA 

France: Editions Nathan

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If you are being abused or neglected, or suspect someone you know is, please make the call. Click here for emergency numbers and websites to get help. 

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