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My name is Amy Giles and I’m a Young Adult author. If my books don’t make you cry, then I have failed you. I’ll even accept stinging, itchy “my allergies are bothering me” eyes if crying in public is not your thing. I tend to be the same way. Maybe that’s why I write the kind of books that get to the heart of the subject and the hearts of readers. I like to lean into heartbreaking and heartwarming stories, rooted in reality, but with soul-healing redemptions at the end.

Who is Amy Giles?

I’m married to my best friend. Really truly. We met at a pub crawl many years ago and haven’t stopped laughing since. We have two daughters, both of whom are amazing humans. I'm a first generation Greek-American. Straddling two cultures while I was growing up was a challenge. I felt I was never Greek enough or American enough. Always different. Because of that, I’m particularly sensitive to those who have been similarly othered in the very country they were born in.

My Story

I’m still pretty tuned in to my inner teen and all the rage and joy and agony and excitement of those years. And if there’s a group that has earned my utmost respect, it’s teens. You guys are resilient and amazing. I’m here to serve you. I’m always happy to hear from readers of all ages, teens and teens at heart. Drop me a line!

Why YA?

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